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New article on Cyclotella systematics

Cyclotella – described as a pennate diatom, and it was mostly downhill from there. In compiling a list of species in the diatom order Thalassiosirales, Teo Nakov came across a long-forgotten name, Lindavia, that cleans up a good deal of the taxonomic mess that is Cyclotella. Thanks to dilligent work by Wilson Guillory and the taxonomic expertise of Ed Theriot and Matt Julius. The paper was published today in Phytotaxa. OK, onto more interesting stuff.

Teo's cool R app for salinity common garden experiments

Teofil Nakov's been performing salinity experiments on some famously euryhaline diatom species, and he developed this fantastic R app to calculate and visualize growth rates, and determine whether a culture has acclimated. Accompanying RNA-seq data and manuscript forthcoming!