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Looking for a post-doc!

Come work in the lab! We're recruiting a new post-doc to work on evolutionary genomics of marine and freshwater diatoms – the full ad is here. Send inquiries to Andy.

Paleopolyploidy in diatoms

A cool new paper by Teo and Matt Parks shows that whole-genome duplications have occurred relatively frequently over the course of diatom evolution. Cool stuff. The manuscript is available on bioRxiv.

The perils of rank-based comparisons of metabarcode data

Teo's analysis of diatom data from the Tara Oceans project shows that diatom genera are nothing but names attached to arbitrarily defined groups of species. The manuscript is available on bioRxiv.

Jake defends his Honors thesis

Jake Harris successfully defended his Honors thesis today. He worked on optimizing genetic transformation of the model diatom, Phaeodactylum tricornutum. Jake moved to New York to start a Master's program in biotechnology at NYU.

Wilson defends his Honors thesis

It's raining introns in diatom mitochondrial genomes. Wilson carried out the first large-scale analysis of mitochondrial genome evolution in diatoms. He graduated summa cum laude, entered a Master's program at SIU, and is writing up his thesis for publication. We'll miss Wilson.

Teo's collaborative manuscript from the PlankDiv workshop now available

Congratulations, Teo! The collaborative paper resulting from a Foresight Euromarine worksop referred to as PlankDiv was published in Frontiers in Marine Science. In short, in order to best utilize the data we have on plankton, cooperation between experts is required.  Mare Incognitum: A Glimpse into Future Plankton Diversity and Ecology Research